Trottinette Electrique MINIMOTORS Dualtron 3 3600W

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Electric Scooter Dualtron March 65 Km / h and 80 km autonomy

Electric Scooter 3600W MINIMOTORS Dualtron 3

At its first arrival Dualtron Ultra ago few years Minimotors manufacturer has immediately established itself as the leader in the segment of sports scooters. He innovated much since by offering many new templates different models. The extensive range is now possible to find happiness among compact scooters (mini type 4) and giant electric scooters (Type Ultra). The good news announcing new models for 2018 with Dualtron Compact, the Dualtron 3 and Dualtron Thunder.

The brand that was known as most of its competitors to outside manufacturers for much of his pieces now announced that it will produce and assemble the major portion of the parts in its own factories. This information offers reassurance for customers who will be able to more easily find spare parts on the long term and should bénéficer better monitoring service (because the brand should maintain parts production over a longer period without depending the financial health or the goodwill of its service providers)
new this electric scooter Dualtron 3 compared to older models dualtron 2 were already high achievers

We will retain some of the most significant improvements:

    The suspension tuning (Five announced adjustment levels)
    Some tuebeless tires (finished tube changes)

The main characteristics of the electric scooter Dualtron 3

It offers a beautiful drive to 3600W (two powerful engines) to provide generous torque and a top speed of 65 km / h. We know that too recommend you to wear a helmet and suitable equipment (biker jacket and other protections) and especially observe the most responsible and secure as possible during your travels.

The enormous LG Battery 30Ah (in 60V) of the electric scooter Dualtron 3 allows you to scroll between 80 and 100 km on a single charge (using the dual function motors consume faster). The price to pay for two huge engines and so bulky battery will be the weight which rises to about 30kg.

The two charging ports can reduce the charging time of 14h to 7h

Dualtron 3
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IP nov. 16, 2018
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